A.M.P.L.I.F.Y. Inbound Marketing with HubSpot



We have to challenge all assumptions with data. The opinion that counts the most is your customer’s.



When we are sure that we know what your ideal customer is searching, we need to prove that your business is the expert on the subject by providing quality educational content.



To begin with, your customer may not know what he/she needs. It is our job to present solutions to their problems.



When your customer leaves the “Awareness Stage”, they enter into the “Consideration Stage.” This is where they begin to consider which of the solutions your content presents is right for them.



When the customer has that Ah-Ha! moment, hopefully it was provided to them from your website and not one of your competitors.



After working from the problem to the solution and going through the “Awareness Stage” to the “Consideration Stage”, the customer enters the “Decision Stage.” Here, they will identify what company is the best for them to solve the problem.



After working through the above steps and awareness stages, your customer is ready to buy 🙂 We continue to help you perfect your sales process and communication with the customer to close them into a sale.

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