DePalma's Italian Cafes

DePalma’s Italian Cafe’s three locations offer patrons an authentic Italian dining experience. Their menu focuses on fresh ingredients and food made from scratch. We loved working with them to redesign their brand and highlight their best qualities. Oh and by the way, we also LOVE their food as much as they love serving it.

DePalma's Tomato Logo

We created a new brand identity to help convey DePalma’s focus on fresh ingredients and food. We then used the new identity to create print ads, a series of billboards, new menus, and food packaging. Having a consistent and contemporary look was a critical first step in our efforts to improve Depalma’s sales.

When we rebuilt the web site, we greatly simplified the user experience (UX) to create an intuitive browsing experience. Clear organization of the menu collections, galleries, and customer focused content were conceived to encourage engagement with the website.

We consolidated existing content to create a more focused and content rich resource for users. For site administrators features like an archive of reservations, collection of customer contact information, easy database search, and automation were a huge priority.

The reservation system is an automated collection form that takes a user’s request and sends it to administration for approval/denial. After approval, it synchronizes the reservation with a Google calendar for the appropriate location.