Jet Food Stores

Established in 1983, Jet Food Stores Inc is a privately owned chain of 49 retail convenience stores currently located throughout 20 counties in middle and south Georgia.

We provide our customers a one stop shopping experience for their fuel, tobacco, and grocery item needs along with fountain, fast food and deli selections.

Many locations offer a full breakfast menu as well as the favorite down home southern fried chicken, with hot vegetables and more.

Jet Food Stores prides itself on fast, friendly service with a smile, and a clean, safe shopping environment with competitive pricing.

We realize and understand that our customers have a choice of where they shop and we are committed to earning their business every day. We are an equal opportunity employer who considers our customers and employees our greatest asset.

We created an A.P.I. (Application Programming Interface) for the website so data could be shared with the mobile app. Fuel prices, store names and details are pulled from access points in the web server.

We focused on simple user experience so that visitors can find the information they are looking for easily and quickly. We brought the brand’s colors to the forefront of the design, keeping everything consistent. We also used a 2 level information architecture so users don’t have to click through multiple layers of information.

We created brand guidelines for Jet, allowing them to have structure to follow in their own efforts. This worked well while the mobile app was being developed by a separate contractor, although we did create the mobile “splash page” in the app.

The fuel prices system for Jet is something we are especially proud of. It allows store managers to enter in the fuel prices for their store on a regular basis. They are presented with a simplified admin panel for this process which only allows access to the functions they need. This infrastructure spans accross 52 stores currently and can be expanded as Jet Food Stores grows. As soon as the fuel prices are input, the mobile app reconciles the data so that what is on the site or app is always up to date.