Marker 7 Coastal Grill

Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, Chris Lloyd loved eating great seafood and relaxing in coastal bars. He has brought that here to Five Points in a great old historical home. Their oysters come from the Gulf of Mexico and shrimp from the coast of Georgia. They hired us to build their new website focusing on mobile experience.

By transferring them off of their old CMS which was no longer supported and adding Visual Composer, we are bringing their website to a place where everyone on staff could use and update- creating a living, breathing sales tool.

With emphasis on mobile, we wanted to take a “mobile first” approach. This helps users by only showing the best content on desktop and mirroring that experience on mobile devices. To achieve this, we are using widths on elements that are relative to the screen size.

It is a priority that all of Marker 7 Coastal Grill’s menus are easy to navigate and as easy to change as the seasons or market demand. All of the menus on the website are fully editable items that can be altered or replaced entirely from the CMS.

While we cannot take credit for the amazing logo that was created by famous artist Jack Davis, we have stayed traditional and consistent to the brand throughout our designs and representations.